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15 Hidden Secret Phone Codes

Admin, Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Everyone has a smartphone, however very few people know about the enormous functionalities the phone can give you by just pressing some keys and code here are 15 secret phone codes you didn’t know existed.

There are many secret phone codes, some work on all phones, and others on certain models.

1. Checking the IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity)


Works for both android and iPhone

2. Number Identification


This allows you to turn off the identification of your number to those who you call. This works only for iPhones

3. Statistics and secrets menu


This shows you the various statistics of the activities of your phone like Wi-Fi, battery, and CPU stats along with other information. This only works with android.

4. No outgoing calls.


This disables all outgoing calls on your phone. You can reverse this by *33*PIN#. Only iPhones

5. Instant factory settings reset


This will reset all the settings of your phone including Google settings and applications data. But this is irreversible once you dial that code

6. Phone re-installation, whole reset.


This will reset your phone to its original setting and works only for android

7. Better communication


This turns on the EFR (Enhanced Full Rate) encoding and improves the quality of communication. But it reduces your battery life. You can deactivate it by pressing that code again. This works only for iPhones.

8. Listening to yourself


This little cheat can let you record yourself for the last 20 calls

9. Service center number for the service provider.


This works for iPhones only

10. Quick switching off


Routine breeds boredom. With this code, you can now switch off your phone without seeing that menu where you have to swipe down or up to turn off your phone. This is code is sorry for iPhone users.

11. Call waiting


Sometimes when you have an ongoing call, your callers may hit on you and notified that your phone is busy and you also don’t get informed about their call. This code can help you put your callers on wait and also get notified about their call while still on another call. You can deactivate this with the same code. This is for iPhone holders only!!

12. Quick menu service


This lets you see and explore the extra features and information you may need on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

13. Changing the signal info from graphical mode.


After dialing this code, press and hold Power and then release it. Then press Home you will see the signal in DBA. -140 DBA is the worst signal and -40 is the best. To leave in numeric, dial the same code, then Home, and exit. This is available only on iPhones.

14. Straight to voice mail


You can escape answering your phone by dialing that little code. This can be reversed by the same code.

15. Hide your number on outgoing calls


This works both for iPhones and Android but it is disabled by some service providers.

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