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12 Reasons Why Android is Still Dominating iOS

Admin, Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Someone said that he could sell his kidney so that he buys an iPhone 14 Pro, maybe he didn’t know that he could get more functionality and liberty of picking options without thinking of selling his kidney with an Android handset. And the gap between the two has narrowed down as Android is not only cheaper but also has added great functionality.

Apple has a lot of cool features like the dynamic island and brings new capabilities with every new update and release. And iPhones are what the best handset can be. But Android has a competitive advantage and a lot more users. And the Android vs iPhone or which one is better to debate seems nowhere near the end. Let us see why this is like that.

1. Rate and Price

If you are appearing to acquire a company brand-new iPhone or even an Android phone, you desire good value for your money.

Would you prefer to pay dramatically much more for an iPhone which possesses fewer attributes and also is much less effective than a flagship Android phone?

Simply one of the factors why an Android phone is far better than an iPhone has constantly been the rate and also cost.

For the equipment that happens within Android phones, Android phones deliver considerably far better market value for the cash than iPhones. If iPhones happened along with the same equipment as flagship Android phones, Apple would certainly very most likely demand nearly dual reviewed to what Android manufacturers such as Samsung and also Google bill.

Apple nickels and also dimes you for whatever. Along with the iPhone 14, Apple won’t feature earphones and charger within the box any longer. Truly, Apple? You can’t toss a charger when somebody acquires a $1500 phone? Nope. They desire you to invest an additional $150 in charger and AirPods.

2. With Android you get another phone launcher

The solitary very irritating component of utilizing an iPhone is its own stringent property display. You acquire one icon for every application, which you may within transform prepare into folders on numerous displays. Yet you can not set up those symbols as you if all of them.

You may simply want to rearrange them, which creates the entire refinement of managing the home display a bit as if addressing one of those 15-square puzzles.

On an Android gadget, through comparison, the default Android launcher is simple to change. Gadget manufacturers routinely will do this, along with combined outcomes. However, the genuine gain is actually that you may change the default launcher along with one that you prefer

3. Equipment & Hardware Components

Individuals may assert all day about which software application operating system between Android and iOS is better for this reason or that.

When you’re in the market for a brand-new smart device, Apple offers three hardware selections (unless you’re willing to get last year’s model for a minuscule price cut). The current iPhone lineup comes in two dimensions, huge and larger, and two rate ranges, costly and also actually expensive. And those gadgets are hardly ever discounted.

Through comparison, your Android selections cover a vast range of dimensions, shapes, component establishes, and cost aims. Some high-end Android devices like Samsung possess cost tags that are generally similar to those of a brand-new iPhone, but the actual delightful finding is actually within the midrange, where gadgets such as the OnePlus 8 Professional and also the Pixel 4 compete for head to the crown with flagship phones costing up to twice as much (I mean the iPhones).

4. A universal charging system

We all do enjoy USB chargers. They are often the required battery charger for many gadgets out certainly there featuring Android phones. Almost all Android phones make use of either mini USB or even USB-C chargers.

What chargers does Apple have? Properly, they decided to bring in their chargers, and lighting cables. Certainly, not just are usually these various also just useful for Apple gadgets, however, they often tend to be exceptionally reduced quality.

And also, when your Apple battery charger goes negative, you possess to fork over much more of your hard-earned cash to purchase a brand-new one.

You may utilize the same USB battery charger for a Samsung phone for over 3 years with absolutely no issues.

Who in the world must have to pay over $300 to change additional chargers over the lifetime of their Apple items?

5. Physical Support button at the back

All of the major Android phones possess a devoted bodily back button. Or even, nowadays, an in-screen devoted back button.

This has always been a substantial advantage in my eyes of Android phones over iPhones. Once you get used to a committed support switch, it’s hard to go without it.

Several things you don’t desire to go all of the ways back to the home display. iPhone users might claim that they can merely “swipe back” or reach the soft “back button” in the upper-left corner if they want to go back, however, that’s certainly not the most convenient alternative at all.

With phone screens getting bigger once again, meeting up within the upper left every single opportunity to attack a back switch is neither basic nor instinctive.

6. Customization

My preference component about Android phones – is modification. Android can perform many things that an iPhone can’t

If you appreciate the man/woman able to tailor your phone and have outright flexibility on what you may carry out along with your phone, thus Android is the means to go.

If you don’t like the default keyboard that Android comes along with. Just download a third-party keyboard app that replaces the usual one. Don’t just like the whole launcher that runs your phone? Install a brand-new launcher. Want to make your phone possess a style precisely as if a Windows phone? Yep, you may do that, also.

Can iOS allow you to play around with your phone like that? Apple likes to maintain points simple and easy to use which is fine. But with Android, you change everything around.

7. Expandable Memory

A large number of Android phones provide expandable memory. That indicates you may stand out open an added port on the edge of your phone and putting it within a micro SD memory card which then ends up being additional memory to your phone.

What about your favorite Apple? Effectively, they have never delivered expandable memory for the iPhone. Instead, they would rather force you to pay them an unwarranted amount of money to improve your iPhone from the foundation 64GB ability to one along with 256GB or 512GB of inner storage space.

Right now, to improve coming from the bottom 64GB on an iPhone to 256GB storage, Apple costs $150. To upgrade coming from a 256GB iPhone to 512GB, they demand $200. Thus, to go from 64GB to 512GB, it’s a cost distinction of $350. Are you serious? That’s borderline thievery.

I took my Galaxy S10 Plus with 128GB of interior memory and extra another 64 GB micro SD memory card within it and voila! My phone today has 192 GB of capability, and how considerably did that cost me? $19 for the SD card. iPhone! Beat that.

8. Development and Innovation

Android phones made by lots of different manufacturers have constantly been on top of innovation.

Certainly, there are often new cutting-edge functions pushed out almost every opportunity a significant firm launches a new Android phone. From in-screen fingerprint sensors to foldable phones, mobile phone tools that operate Android always appear to have a leg up on the competitors.

I think very most people would certainly acknowledge that ever considering that Tim Cook took over Apple after Steve Jobs passed, Apple has had upcoming to zero innovation along with each brand-new iPhone release.

Apple’s approach has usually been to get brand-new exciting attributes that were discharged, “perfect” all of them, and therefore discharge all of them two years later.

This is a fine technique and it operates for all of them, nevertheless, I miss out on the days when Apple would certainly surprise the masses of people with brand-new impressive features.

9. Widgets & Multitasking

This somewhat goes along with modification. Widgets have long been a huge advantage of Android over iOS. In the previous, Apple constantly decided not to have widgets offered on any of your main home screens to “prevent clutter”.

Amusing enough, Apple finally chose that having widgets on your property screen was a lot more useful than they believed and also declared the attribute along with iOS 14 in 2020.

Android supplies all types of widgets that you can put onto your home screens. These widgets might be everything coming from a customized clock. Weather, alarms, straight to calls in your phone, flashlight, email, notifications, and therefore much a lot more. You may prepare these any kind of which means on your home displays and also have your screens be precisely the way you want them.

Multitasking has likewise been around on Android for a while, and also it’s incredibly very easy to make use of. You merely open up the multitasking window and you may drag two applications that you want to make use of at the same time into the suitable boxes. For instance, You can check your emails while accessing your data system at the same.

Apple lastly happened out with the capacity to multitask, nevertheless, it is merely rather helpful on iPads and larger iPhones. Because Android phones had multitask for so long and performs so effectively, they still take the cake over iOS.

10. Easy removing of notifications

There certainly is some arrangement of formula that controls the display screen of notices on the iPhone house display, however, I’ll be damned if I may amount it out. Occasionally there’s a significant X that you may touch to remove much older alerts. In some other opportunities, the mere method to acquire clear notices is one at an opportunity.

You may likewise handle just how notices are often organized and also when they’re shown on iOS, yet to perform that you possess to exit Notice Facility and also go to Settings> Notices. On Android phones, each job is considerably less complex. When you swipe rest to display screen present notices, there’s a Get rid of All of the switches at the base of the detail.

There’s additionally a Handle Notices connect that jumps straight to the linked webpage within Environments, where you may personalize choices for each application. Those are minor touches, however, they decrease rubbing and also bring in daily use considerably far better.

11. Easy servicing

The serviceability of Android phones has been better, I mean less complicated and also less pricey than iPhones for a lengthy time today.

Some Android phones still today have a removable battery that you yourself may get out and also change or company to your liking.

After you make use of any kind of phone for a while, the lithium-ion battery inside of it will start to shed its initial capacity.

It’s not a concern if the battery lifespan is going to start to receive shorter, it’s an issue of when. That’s specifically just how lithium-ion batteries job. The moment they go through enough charge cycles, they are generally just able to keep a specific percentage of their original ability.

So, say you’ve possessed an iPhone for a year or even 2 and also the iPhone battery begins going bad. That is actually, the iPhone battery doesn’t final as long every time as it used to and you need to charge it much more often.

Effectively, also negative, you’ll have to go to the Apple shop or an Apple-certified store that may company it by changing the battery or you’ll merely have to real-time with it.

If your Android phone has a detachable battery, you may simply go on Amazon or even to a service shop and get a common battery for whatever kind of phone you possess and also pop it in. Thus your phone’s battery is such as brand-new once more! It’s that straightforward.

12. Default browser customizable

On either mobile platform, internet browsers make use of the hidden motor provided through the operating system. The main explanation for using an alternative internet browser is actually to save and also sync shortcuts, buttons, passwords, and also background throughout devices.

That’s certainly not a complication within Android, many thanks to the Default Applications establishment, where you may define which web browser you desire to make use of for hyperlinks. While there certainly, you may likewise select alternative applications to utilize for phone names, SMS notifications, voice assistant, and also tap-to-pay features, as well.


All of within all of, each Android phone and also iPhones possess their benefits and also downsides. I can compose a write-up concerning just how an iPhone is far better than an Android as effectively, however, the Android benefits method subdue the benefits that you acquire along with an iPhone within my viewpoint

If you appreciate the benefits recognized within this write-up such as having a wealth of phone selections, personalization, far better equipment, and also expandable memory merely to call a couple of, go along with an Android phone.

If you delight in an easy, much more straightforward user interface for somebody that might certainly not be actually as technological and also doesn’t such as having a number of modification alternatives, go along with an iPhone. Only recognize that you aren’t acquiring the greatest value for your money.

Samsung, LG, Google, Sony, and also different significant manufacturers have begun to outdo Apple, specifically within the hardware division.

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