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Torchlight Infinite Review

Admin, Wednesday, September 13, 2023

I was part of the generation that just missed out on Diablo and was introduced to the action RPG genre through Torchlight. This game was released during the lengthy gap between Diablo 2 and 3 and paid tribute to the original game while also offering a refreshing change from its grimdark fiction aesthetic with bright graphics and amusing discussion. In addition to providing pleasure and entertaining adventure, Torchlight also featured a unique feature where players could have a pet follow them around and sell their loot in town while they continued to play.

Torchlight 2, the sequel to the game, took the gameplay and features of the original to the next level by sending players on a grand adventure across a beautiful world and introducing new classes and pets. Despite facing some criticism, the game has continued to be popular and widely played due to the lack of a proper follow-up

In-action RPG

Torchlight Infinite lacks the qualities that made the previous games in the series beloved. It seems as if the rights to the game were acquired by a publisher who saw the success of Diablo Immortal and quickly commissioned a mobile developer to create a game to capitalize on the trend. While there are some superficial similarities to the earlier games, such as the visuals and the cartoon-style story cutscenes, the game’s narrative is nonsensical and lacks the depth of its predecessors. The gameplay also falls short, with most skills shared between characters and a lack of customization options that make building a characterless enjoyable. Overall, Torchlight Infinite feels like a rushed and uninspired attempt to cash in on the success of the series rather than a genuine sequel.

Infinitely Disappointing

Torchlight 3 failed to live up to the expectations of the franchise, feeling and looking, unlike its predecessors. As a fan of the series, it is clear that the developer did not capture the essence of what made the earlier games special. In contrast, Torchlight Infinite is a particularly offensive entry in the series, with a focus on free-to-play and cross-platform gameplay on both PC and mobile, particularly the latter. While the visuals of the game are attractive, particularly on mobile devices, they are not enough to make up for the lack of connection to the earlier games in the series and the shallow gameplay experience

Diablo Immortal FTW?

Torchlight Infinite lacks the depth and impact of the combat found in the earlier games in the series. The character Moto the Commander, who I played as my first character, only summoned heroes and was unable to attack, leading to repetitive gameplay. The inclusion of talents, traits, and pacts that offer minimal stat boosts adds a layer of shallow and uninteresting gameplay. The gacha-style pets called pacts, which can be unlocked through microtransactions, introduce a pay-to-win element to the game. In comparison to Diablo Immortal, Torchlight Infinite falls short in terms of providing enjoyable multiplayer experiences, rewarding loot, and a single player campaign that feels authentic. As a result, it is not a recommendable choice

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